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After you’ve earned your degree, established your career, and started a family, the last thing you anticipate is living paycheck to paycheck. In many American households, though, financial security is a constant concern.

Women, whether married or unmarried, with children or without, increasingly feel the pressure to make money and manage it. What if you could release this weight just by changing how you look at money? What if a mindset shift and a few simple tactics could provide a lifetime of peace? In Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$, Monica Allen shows how to stop obsessing over finances and start enjoying life with four easy steps to financial freedom.


A mother at sixteen and divorcée at twenty-two, Monica felt the impact of financial burden at a young age. She developed a “kitchen table” approach for financial management that goes back to basics and helps others be present and stop worrying. If living financially carefree is a priority, Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$ is the inspiration and guidance you need to take control and discover the happiness you deserve.

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